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A Quick Meal on a Sunny Day

Hey hey y’all! What a beautiful day it has been! I almost missed the beauty of it all from being sick. I did not have a cold, but actually was suffering just a tad bit from food poisoning. I shop at this market that has the best prices on their meats, fruits and veggies. Well, let’s just say that I was a little negligent with my purchase and bought some meat that was on “quick sale”. That meat may have had a $2 discount but I paid for that meat over and over again. I felt horrible; I could not smell food, could not make any quick moves, and could not handle the smell of my son’s dirty diapers! I was experiencing nausea, fatigue, dizziness, stomach cramps, steady sprints to the bathroom (but no diarrhea), and just an ill feeling. I stayed in bed for the majority of the day yesterday. So today I decided to take it easy with my Sunday dinner. I chopped up some Butterball Turkey Sausage links, spices, an onion, and a scoop of garlic (from a jar) and threw this in a pan with a little olive oil while I boiled some thin spaghetti noodles. In between stirs of the noodles and meat, I put on a pot of eggs to boil for a garden salad. When the meat was finished heating and blending together with the spices and the noodles were ready to eat, I mixed the sauce and the meat. After draining and rinsing the noodles, I slowly added them to the sauce (I also added spices to the sauce) and cooked together on very low heat. I threw a bag of frozen mixed vegetables in the microwave for 5 minutes. Dinner was complete within the hour. My kids love spaghetti, and if I let them they would choose to have it every day. Since that obviously is not going to happen, they are happy whenever they can have it! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday, relax and regroup for the week to come! Until next time folks…



An Easy One Just for Good Measure

Hey Everybody! Today was such a calm and peaceful day. The weather was great down here in Georgia and with great weather equals happy kids. My boys went outside to play, and as usual I had to make them come in when it was time for dinner. The only cling-on cutie pie I had following me around was my (now walking) 1 year old. So anyway, I was pretty lazy today because after washing my hair in the shower and getting my daughter to re-twist my dreads, I really did not feel like cooking. But I did. I went simple and cooked boneless, skinless barbecue chicken thighs, barbecue lamb, homemade cheesy mashed potatoes, and sweet peas. It actually turned out pretty delish, and everyone was stuffed afterwards. I have a busy week ahead of me and meant to get in the kitchen and do my 3 meals in a day thing, but being lazy threw off my plans, but at least they will make nice leftovers for tomorrow. Until next time….




Lamb w/yogurt Sauce

Hi everyone! What a rainy, messy day it is here…perfect for lamb stew with a special kind of sauce. I used to go to this place that served THE best lamb ever and they had this special sauce. I am telling you, this sauce was so different AND it was green! This place was named after a culturally-rich village in Afghanistan…and that’s exactly what their food tasted like – rich food. Since my favorite spot is states away right now, I wanted to try and cook something to fill that void. So, I figured on this rainy, chilly day I would go ahead and “crock-it-up” in the slow cooker before summer time rolls around. Yes, I surely said summer because I know in the south you don’t get much of spring other than keeping out of the rain for April showers.

Anyway, I threw a leg of lamb, boneless skinless chicken thighs, russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots into my crockpot and filled the pot with water and olive oil. I set the temp on low and let this baby cook from Saturday night to Sunday morning. The aroma in the house made my stomach growl…cumin, curry powder, garlic salt, ginger and a list of other spices filled the kitchen in the morning. I figured I would take it up another notch by trying to recreate a sauce to drizzle over the lamb stew over rice. My daughter mixed up the ingredients for her mouth watering cornbread while I juiced the peppermint sprigs to add the juice of peppermint and then adding the pulp from the juicer to my sauce. Along with vinegar, lemon juice, honey and yogurt this sauce was different but pretty tasty. AND GREEN was the color of my sauce too…well, like a light green.
Although I haven’t mastered my lamb to perfecting the spicing element…no matter my attempts to season, it still turns out bland. I guess this couldn’t be a bad thing if I were cooking for people I didn’t know, that may have different health elements. But since I am cooking for a familiar crowd that loves well seasoned meals, I have a small challenge. Lucky for me, the yogurt mint sauce gave the meat a little zing that it needed. My kale actually was the best to me today. I now love kale! With a little help from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, onions, garlic and mushrooms this made up for the meat’s bland taste. But to put the meal all together with a smile came the cornbread that my daughter made. I don’t know what she puts in it but I have never tasted a box of Jiffy taste the way hers does! I retire from making it…she’s got it!
With that great meal, we couldn’t just settle for kool aid…we had to juice! And the juice was fabulously tasty. Needless to say, everyone was happy and full and we did it on a healthy note tonight.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday! Until next time…

Oh yeah, don’t mind the half eaten food on the picture because I almost forgot to snap one.



Health N Wellness Kinda Day

Hey everybody! What a beautiful day it was in Atl today…so beautiful that I didn’t want to turn that oven on. We started this day off with joining our church service online at 10 am. Great service it was…Bridgeway Community Church always delivers powerful praise! Feeling refreshed and ready to jump over any hurdles, literally, me and two of my boys decided to strike out walking for a few things from the Family Dollar at the top of the main road. We probably got in our 1 mile walk total. Of course, I can feel the hills’ affects on the backs of my thigh and calf…but that’s pretty good, at least I know I worked something out. As soon as we got back to the house I started on dinner. Asian spiced chicken wings, Mediterranean kale, jasmine rice, and sweet corn. This meal was a super easy one, but it hit the spot. I wanted to try something new because I am usually ALWAYS cooking my collard greens super long therefore cooking most of the nutrients out of them…so I decided to cook the kale that I had been juicing with instead. I looked up a recipe online and reversed the instructions a bit and came out with an awesome green side. I chopped my onion and about 4 cloves of garlic and put them in my covered pan with olive oil and water. I let them simmer about 4-5 minutes before I placed my kale in the pan (I removed the stems first and chopped it pretty good). I put the lid back on for another 5 minutes or so (until the leaves wilted a bit, turning dark green), then I added my balsamic vinegar and blended. I covered my pan and let this simmer for about 2-3 minutes. I turned the burner off and seasoned with salt and pepper for taste. It was delicious! My kids liked it too! I won’t even mention the yummy juice I whipped up while I was cooking….a personal glass. I had a handful of kale, lemon, about 5 apples, cabbage, a handful of peppermint sprigs, and 2 bananas. Oh I think I hit the nail on the head with that one…too bad it was a personal glass because the kids liked it too! That’s okay…plenty of ideas for good juices! Stay tuned until next time….have a good week!



Another Yummy One

Hey Everybody, I have been under a lot of stress and anxiety lately, and I feel that cooking helps relieve some of that tension. I may not bake cakes from scratch (yet) or make homemade cornbread (I personally prefer Jiffy anyway), but I try to cook a variety of different things for my family. I have a picky bunch, but… Read more →

Savory Sunday!

Sunday Sunday Sunday…it is always the busiest but yet relaxing day of the week! I generally wake up at a decent time on Sundays because of what is usually on my agenda. This morning was a different story. I was a late riser because I stayed up pretty long Saturday night trying to get this blog right and setting up some technical things. I did not have a clue as to what I was going to cook today, but since I am trying to start a new schedule  with a customer service gig I needed to think on the conveniences of leftovers for whatever I decided. While the weather was pretty enough to leave my 3 independent boys outside playing while their grandpa watched on, I ventured out to the store to get a few things from the market. Of course, I did not bring any of my coupons that I have been collecting for weeks now…another project soon to come – extreme couponing. My daughter and I ran to the store for “a few things”, but it quickly escalated into 6 bags. As soon as I got back in the house, I got to work on dinner while washing clothes and still keep every one of my little personalities happy at the same time.

I decided to cook meatloaf. I didn’t realize that the recipe that I was using for the meatloaf was for half of the quantity I had for meat until an hour later. I had to double my cook time…my meal was ready in 2 hours. As I cooked, my 1 year old cruised around the kitchen peeking in the oven at the meatloaf and macaroni & cheese casserole and tasting everything he could. My other sides to go with the meatloaf were green beans, homemade garlic mashed potatoes, biscuits and kool aid. Yummy, how delicious was that?  Now that meal hit the spot. Sorry, no dessert tonight but I don’t think anyone was thinking about eating anymore after finishing their plate.

Sometimes, if I plan wisely, I can cook two meals at once on Sunday that will usually last the kids (5) and I for at least 3 days, leaving me to cook another serious meal only on Thursday. When I say serious meal, I mean a heavy meal. Tacos, pizza, hot dogs and chicken nuggets are what I consider a non-serious meal. I love them, but they are not very filling.