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33 More Days…

So I have not been writing very actively and I have quite a few things to share. My baby graduated Army Basic Training in October. I have never known nine weeks to be so long in my life. To be back in her presence, to reach out and hug her, to hear her hilarious jokes and special opinions…it was a… Read more →

Helping from the Heart

Hey everybody, I hope this week has been good to you! I had to sit down and write about some thoughts that have been festering. I have had a great week full of challenges and struggles, but by the grace and mercy of God I made it through with my sanity, health and faith in tact. I have not put… Read more →

How Many More Kids Will Die?

Hey everybody! I have something heavy on my mind tonight…senseless killing of our children continues at increasing numbers. I just don’t get how an entire community can miss signs of unhappiness or disillusion. I don’t understand how an entire family…one adult and four or five kids can just be going through so much and NO ONE notices. I do not… Read more →