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2 Crockpot Meals in 24

crockpotmeal_tuesHey everybody! Let me just start off by saying I love my new crockpot! I had one before that was amazing but unfortunately my inpatient son shoved it off of his table and the lid shattered to pieces – until that moment I didn’t even know the darn thing could break! Anyhow, my new one was inexpensive – about $30. I finally found a leg of lamb at the market on Sunday morning and I knew it would taste real good in this crockpot of mine! Not to mention, I had some leftover fresh ginger and peppermint sprigs from my juicing experiment. I won’t lie, I had to look up a recipe that was going to be a winner and it took me quite a few minutes to find the right one. I was actually looking to use what I already had in the house; I didn’t want to have to go back out to the market and I definitely did not want to spend anymore money…so I used what I had. I used an onion, garlic cloves, parsley, ginger, ground cinnamon, shredded carrots (1/2 bag left from Sunday’s crockpot sensation), and a few other dashes of some pretty unique seasonings. I put it all in the slow cooker for about 8 hours, let it cool, and then transferred it to a storage container. After a few hours of sleep, I got up to preparing another meal in the crockpot…I had the lamb in mind. My daughter and I were sampling a few pieces and I figured it would not be enough of it to carry over for two days, let alone one, so I went to the market early in the morning. I just needed another leg of lamb…that way everyone could have as much as they wanted. But not only did the leg of lamb catch my eye because I came back from the store with oxtails, goat, red potatoes, and a few other things. Again, I threw everything in the crockpot after spraying it with Pam. I sprinkled all of my seasonings throughtout the slow cooker and mixed it gently with a kitchen spoon. I put the slow cooker on high and let it cook from quite a few hours…8 total. The meat was so tender it was falling off the bones.

I will add a page for crockpot recipes at a later time! Until next time…



Another Yummy One

Hey Everybody, I have been under a lot of stress and anxiety lately, and I feel that cooking helps relieve some of that tension. I may not bake cakes from scratch (yet) or make homemade cornbread (I personally prefer Jiffy anyway), but I try to cook a variety of different things for my family. I have a picky bunch, but… Read more →