Cough, the season

The boys have been doing fairly well! Even with these ever changing temps, they have pushed through. Maybe a sneeze here, cough there but there has not been anything major to make me keep them home for more than 2 days. Idris, my 9 yr old that was hospitalized, has been taking his preventative meds every day. He has not missed more than 2 consistent days…he may miss a day here and there but we always get right back on track. I never want to have an episode that is so severe that we are causing more harm to him than good.

So every night, my boys take their inhaler before bed and again when they wake up in the morning. Idris also is supposed to take a pill every night, Singulair. I think he has missed that more than his inhaler but we can usually catch it and get him right back on track. At this point, it has been a group effort with the meds and making sure that things are going smoothly without issue. So far, so good. We are long overdue for doctor follow up or maybe not. It just feels that way to me. We are due to go in to see the doctor this month so that he can check all of my boys out. Idris may be the worst asthmatic of my boys but I am sure his brothers aren’t far behind him so I want to be sure that we get their lungs x-rayed. Since I just started a new job I thought it may be a good idea to schedule off to do their appointments. Afterall, if I try to prolong it an episode may make me take off from work but only it may be more than one day. So this is necessary. I will follow up with good info from the doc then.

Until next time….

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