17 Days…

Have you ever had that one kid that you felt was the complete clone of you? The good clone of course LOL

Well that is my daughter for me without a doubt. As a kid, well as a teen I was rebellious and rather stubborn and hard-headed and let’s just say if Facebook and Twitter and all those social media “expose you” sites were around back then I am sure there would be a few names and categories my teen life would be grouped under…whether there were circumstances that led to that or not, I was just downright WILD to sum it up in one word! Thank God I did not get that back from my daughter twofold! I don’t know if she was more successful by learning what not to do by watching me or listening but dammit it worked! LOL

My daughter has been my blessing since her first breath. She has taught me a lot in this 18 year journey and I am blessed to have a kid like her. Every girl goes through a phase of discovering themselves, experimenting, self-doubt and a host of other challenges but it’s what they do with those experiences and lessons that shapes their future.

Being the eldest of 5 AND the only girl was not the only challenge my daughter has had. I have been a single parent all of her life…sure, I have had a long-term relationship with each of my children’s fathers but we will define “long-term” and “relationship” in a different blog so let’s just say I’ve grown and matured throughout her lifetime also.

Having my daughter at 19 changed my life. Before I got pregnant with her I was in school, but I wasn’t 100 percent serious about it. I was going to just go and say I was going but I cared more about the streets than I did my education…boy do I regret that every day of my life now. I was living in North Carolina when I gave birth to her and shortly after moved to Maryland where I would raise her alongside the “village” that helped rear her with me for the next 15 years of her life.

My mom spoiled the kid rotten and so did my step-father. My daughter could do no wrong. Through all of her cursing spats, tantrums, exorcisms and devilish ages she glittered to everyone around her. She has always had this loving, real, magnetic personality that was just so addictive. Just don’t get on her bad side lol As I have observed over the last two years I noticed that this child of mine knows what I am thinking without me speaking. AMAZING…and I am not just saying that. She truly knows me, and yeah she knows I can be crazy, emotional, delusional at times…yep all of that and she gets that and deals with it perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, we have clashed at times but luckily it hasn’t resulted in anything dramatic to where we are both living and free to tell the story if you get my drift.

As I sit here and count down the days until my baby goes into the Army, I wonder what will I do. I am definitely a proud parent of a girl who has not only overcome EVERY single obstacle that stood before her and graduated high school ON TIME…actually she ACED her last year which was challenging as we faced homelessness!! But there is not a day that goes by that I do not talk to my girl. What are we going to do without our drill sergeant? Who is going to whip these boys into shape when I just lay down like a rug and they try to walk all over me? Or who is going to twist my locs when I am tired of looking like a true Rasta? Who will be able to read my mind just by the twitch of an eyebrow? Was it wrong that I told the Army recruiter that our family secret is that my daughter is the mother of my 3 year old son? HA All in good humor, but seriously that’s how I feel.

No, really…if I am late, she is on me like “MA, don’t you have to leave now” or “MA, why are you still sleeping”…every word, especially MA sounding like a drill sergeant where I just want to stand up straight promptly, heel-to-heel and salute. LOL It’s not often that I am late though (within the last 4 years I take pride in being early or at least on time because the first 20 plus years was enough being late, severely late) but when I am she is on it!

The boys are going to miss her, especially her male clone!! Hear me when I say that my 3 year old is her clone just opposite sex. They argue all the time but he waits up for her at night when she is out. So I imagine there’s going to be a lot of insomnia in his future.

Although I definitely cannot expect her to deliver a message promptly, cook a meal from scratch or even do her own hair as expertly as I can LOL BUT one thing for sure is that she knows how to do all other things to survive and she has goals for her future!! I am one proud parent but don’t judge me when I am missing the kid and crying a river!

1st born and 5th born enjoying a day at the beach last year!
My 1st heartbeat!!

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